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About the Fruit

Kakadu Plum (also known as gubinge, billygoat plum or murunga) is a bush native native to Australia that originally grew in the north of the country. Externally, the fruit looks like a small yellow plum. Traditionally, the Aborigines have eaten both fruit and seeds raw.

The juice of the fruit was boiled with the bark and used to treat skin diseases and wounds, or drunk like a tea to cure colds and fever in the traditional way.

The Cockatoo Plum is harvested during the rainy season. This time may vary somewhat between the Kimberley region and the Northern Territory. Since the products offered here come from the Kimberley region, the harvest season is from December to March, although it can be done under favorable conditions until April. The Kakadu Plum powder consists of the whole fruit, which is ground to a powder. The fruits are freshly picked and then frozen to preserve the nutrients and vitamins. The plums are sorted according to quality and slowly dehydrated at 40 degrees Celsius before they are ground to a very nutritious powder.

Why Kakadu Plum?

The founder of the Kakadu Plum Cooperation, Tahlia Mandie, has been studying the topic of "Healthy Nutrition" for several years, and has come upon the Kakadu Plum (bush plum) after intensive research.

At this time, Tahlia Mandie realized that this particular fruit must be shared with the rest of the world. This was the starting shot for the "Kakadu Plum Cooperation", which aims to make this fruit accessible to other people around the world.

The Kakadu Plum is proven to be the plant with the highest vitamin C content worldwide (2,300 - 3,100 mg vitamin C per 100g fruit). Vitamin C supports the white blood cells, which play a central role in immune defense.

Furthermore, vitamin C has many other important functions, such as serving as an antioxidant, as well as strengthening the bones and joints and supporting the uptake of iron.


What Can I do with the powder?

Due to its high vitamin C content, a spoonful of kakadu plum powder, served with breakfast, is enough for the whole day. It is usually added morning yogurt, muesli, salads, fruit salad, smoothies or juices. Kakdu Plum powder has an earthy, woody aroma. Together with the sweetness of fruits develops a pleasant taste.

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